Separation of Concerns


This is a technique for simplifying the study of and the work on a problem by dividing it into parts.


These are classifications of problems into those regarding a specific issue or interest.

Thus "separation of concerns" considers dividing a problem into portions that are relatively independent by considering only specific concerns in each part of the division.

The particular setting for my work is that of separation into the three major concerns related to typical enterprise business data processing consisting of:

A prototype for this work was first developed for a graduate seminar and software development class in early 2005 and is based on a skeleton framework called Pre-Pro-Per.

It is explained in a blog which discusses a paper being prepared for an OOPSLA conference with my RA Mehrab Monjour. The software will be presented there as well, and will be posted as an Open Source project.

Separation of Concerns - continued

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There are 2 parts to this beyond this main page. The blog is intended for current thoughts about what is being done on the project, and the wiki is intended for continuing thoughts about various ideas related to the project.

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