Protocols are rules that govern a conversation: who talks first, what language is used, what replies are like. They keep the conversation polite and organized.

Network Protocols

Network protocols govern communications involving networks. They are often specified by standards organizations so that conversations can be conducted between entities previously unknown to one another.

Patterns of Protocols

These are types of conversation that often occur within dialogues that follow protocols. Most often they are "round-trip protocols", meaning a pattern of queries and replies (sometimes called requests and responses) related to a specific situation.

My notes on Patterns of Protocols

the WISE Model
the World as System and Environment connected by an Interface.
the Flow of Information Through Components.

Short Papers on Patterns of Protocols

Communicating Across A Channel (as layers of communications across virtual channels).
fpg: Format and Parse with Respect to a Grammar (where the grammar is designed for communication over a channel).
fufefr: Furnish or Fetch and Freshen (the pattern for caching of reads).
eeefffaaa: Event-Exception-Error: Fact-Fault-Failure: Act-Adjust-Abort (what to do when something happens and why).