Web2014 Web Component Architecture
Net2014A Net2014A: Network Applications
INF2013 DB2013: Principles of Database Systems
Net2013I" Net2013I: Network Infrastructure
INF2013 Information Representation
Top2013 Topology
DB2012 Database Systems
Ent2012 Enterprise Architecture
DIST2012 Distributed Architecture
Net2012A Network Applications (Net2012A)
IPL2011 Intensive Programming Languages
Net2011I Network Infrastructure (Net2011I)
GWT2011 GWT2011: Ajax and GWT
Net2011A Network Applications (Net2011A)
Net2010I Network Infrastructure (Net2010I)
USA2010 Unix System Administration (USA2010)
USA2009 Information Representation
SSeminar2010 Spring Seminar 2010
USA2009 Unix System Administration 2009 - MSCS5931-COSC4931
FSeminar2009 Fall Seminar 2009 - MSCS6931
Net2009A Computer Networks 2 - Network Applications (Net2009A) [MSCS210], Spring 2009
XML2009 Information Representation (XML2009) [MSCS239], Spring 2009
USA2008 Unix System Administration (COSC198), Fall 2008
Net2008I Computer Networks 1 - Network Infrastructure (MSCS209), Fall 2008
Net2008A Computer Networks 2 - Network Applications (Net2008A) [MSCS210], Spring 2008
XML2008 Information Representation (XML2008) [MSCS239], Spring 2008
USA2007 Unix System Administration (COSC198), Fall 2007
Net2007I Computer Networks 1 - Network Infrastructure (MSCS209), Fall 2007
XML2007 Information Architecture (MSCS239), Spring 2007
ASD2007 Agile Software Development (MSCS282), Spring 2007
USA2006 Unix System Administration, COSC198, Fall 2006
Ent2006 Enterprise Architecture, MSCS238, Fall 2006
IJK2006 Intensive Java Knowledge, COSC198, Spring, 2006
XML2006 Information Architecture, MSCS239, Spring, 2006
EnT2005 Enterprise Architecture: Fall, 2005
USA2005 Unix System Administration: Fall, 2005
XML2005 Information Architecture: Spring, 2005
SoftDev2005 Software Development: Spring, 2005
XML 2004 Enterprise Architecture: Fall, 2004
XML 2004 Unix System Administration: Fall, 2004
XML 2004 Information Representation Architecture: Spring, 2004
Intensive Java 2004 Intensive Java: Spring, 2004
Enterprise Architecture 2003 Enterprise Architecture, Fall, 2003
USA 2003 Unix System Administration, Fall, 2003
XML 2003 Information Representation Architecture: Spring, 2003
Enterprise Architecture 2002 Enterprise Architecture, Fall, 2002
Intensive Java 2002 Intensive Java, Spring, 2002
Distributed 2002 Distibuted Architecture, Spring, 2002
Network2001F Undergraduate networking, COSC 172, Fall, 2001
Net2001 Network Applications, Summer 2001
Component 2001 Component Architecture, Fall, 2001
Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Architecture Seminar, Summer I, 2000
Networks 2000 Networks 2000, Summer 2000
Distributed Architecture Distributed Architecture Seminar, Spring 2000
System Administration System Administration Seminar, Spring 2000
XML Component Architecture Seminar, Fall 1999
XML XML Seminar, Summer 1999
Net 2 TCP/IP Networking Class, Spring, 1999             TCP/IP Networking Class, Fall, 1998
book Intensive Java
The Intensive Java course, Summer 1997
Intensive Component Architecture
The Component Architecture course, Fall 1997
Component Distributed Architecture
The Distributed Architecture course, Spring 1998
Distributed Some information on privacy
Privacy The Java Laboratory
JavaLab Java Development
The Java Development System, 1.0 beta 2, from Sun
HTML HTML Development
Miscellany regarding writing HTML and SGML
Standards Web Standards